Vivaldi SVG Icons

  • Vivaldi really needs a top modern SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) icon in order to illustrate this new contemporary, fresh and modern browser.
    SVG icons are really necessary for someone using high resolution monitor with DPI scaling.

    Some browsers have cool SVG icons already on my Windows 10 start menu:

    0_1520450059791_Web Browsers Icons.jpg

    I know it's not that much of a big deal but anyway it would be cool to see similar HQ vector icons.

  • Moderator

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    I find the array of different sized icons with different backgrounds rather ugly. If a SVG icon for Vivaldi would look good, I would be in favour of it, but it's not going to solve the problem of the mismatching icons from other software.

    0_1520450899614_Large Icons.png

    SVG Icons for Themes, Toolbars, and Panels would be more useful.

  • Vivaldi Team

    It's not about using SVG, it's about serving the correct size. As far as I know Windows does not support the SVG file format for these tile icons.
    It's up to the application to use as much as you want of the frame (square) provided.
    We opted for the smaller one, similar to Edge, Opera Neon, IE, Pale Moon etc.
    Firefox and (new) Opera went with full size.

    We are however planning on using the pure white version of our Icon on a red background, more like how Edge and Opera Developer does it.

  • @atlemo "..We are however planning on using the pure white version of our Icon on a red background.."

    Glad to hear about this idea and look forward to this new icon!

  • @atlemo

    Sounds like it will look like Pocket Casts which I think sounds good. I personally think Chrome and Cliqz got the sizing right. Firefox and Opera seem a little too large, Pocket Casts a little too small.


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