Option to show Edit Title on Context Menu Bookmark Link

  • Moderator

    It would be nice if I am given the ability to edit a newly-bookmarked link using the Context Menu's Bookmark Link function:

    Right now if I use this function and want to edit the title of the new bookmark I have to

    • open the bookmark manager/panel
    • find the new bookmark

    The option I envisage would allow the new bookmark to temporarily take the place of the edit card (that is shown when you bookmark a page normally):


    This would also solve the problem that no feedback is given if someone bookmarks a link in this manner. Ideally, there should be a setting to toggle between:

    • Show the bookmark edit card and confirm saving the new bookmark
    • Automatically add it, and provide feedback that the bookmark was successfully added in the status bar (much like is done after using a mouse gesture)


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