Custom Keyboard Shortcuts "CMD+[", "CMD+]", not working

  • Hi Vivaldi Team, love your browser.
    I had mapped CMD+[,] to previous and next tab, respectively, all was working fine until sometime recently (maybe a few months or a bit longer). Now, even when I have CMD+[ mapped to previous tab, it will instead just perform the "BACK" function... doesn't matter that it's mapped to a different function... help please. Running MacOS 10.13.3 on laptop and 10.12.6 on desktop, problem is present on both with latest version of vivaldi.

  • @dargus There are problems with shortcuts on macOS. What keyboard layout are you using?

  • I'm having problems with some custom shortcuts as well. For example, I tried to map Option+6 to web panel 6, but instead, Vivaldi registered this as Option+Undefined.

    Some default shortcuts are even broken. For example, the default shortcut for the panel bar is Option+CMD+P, but for whatever reason this does not work. I tried fixing it by removing it and adding it again, but Vivaldi registered Option+CMD+, instead.

  • I'm having same problem, also specifically with trying to remap cmd+[ and cmd+] to prev/next tab. Instead, it goes backward or forward in history. My keyboard shortcuts don't even say the brackets are mapped to prev/next.

    Mac osx 10.13.3
    Vivaldi 1.14.1077.55 (Stable channel) (64-bit)

    I'm using qwerty english keyboard layout.


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