Opening Bookmarks Bar Question

  • How do I open multiple bookmarks in a row from the bookmark BAR without closing the folder that I have opened?
    On Chrome that would be Ctrl + click, which did exactly that, unlike Middle mouse click.
    Both of those combinations seem to close the folder in Vivaldi, is there a way to change this? Can't find such an option

    Help greatly appreciated

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    @severinus3 Use the Bookmarks Panel instead to open any number of selected bookmarks at once.

  • @pesala Oh so guessing what I want is currently impossible... Guess I'll make a request to implement this, or however this works

    To explain a bit, I want this functionality because I want to open stuff fast, and having to open the bookmark bar, collapsing the folders I've previously been looking at, then opening the ones that I actually need is very slow compared to just clicking on a folder on the bookmark Bar and hovering over the subsequent subfolders
    And thanks for the reply, gonna stick with the bookmarks panel for now 🙂 Can't believe that no1 else seems to mind it lol

  • @severinus3 The bookmarks bar is the prodigal son no one is willing to slaughter a lamb for.

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    @severinus3 It is already in the feature requests as Bookmarks Bar Folder Should Stay Open, and has been requested many times by others over the last three years. However, it has already been explained many times that it is not a top priority as it needs a lot of work to rewrite the Bookmarks Bar code.

    I am sure that it would have been done long ago if it was easy. The Bookmarks Panel is a viable workaround. Assign a Mouse Gesture to show/hide the Panel, then it is as quick as opening Bookmark Bar menus.

  • @pesala Thanks for the insight, and I'll try the mouse gesture thing

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