A couple of suggestions Re. Tabs

  • This the best Server I have ever encountered, but I do have a couple of suggestions!

    I love the fact that you can link various tabs together but it would be great if one could sort them into a preferred order without them being removed from the stack!

    Also, if one has many tabs in a selection, perhaps the size of the links could be reduced in size as others are added, otherwise the top ones seem to disappear or are reduced so that the top is missing!

    I know that one can save a session, but if one could also have the ability to copy the selected tabs to say a thumb drive so that the session (or sessions) could be transferred to another computer, that would certainly be a bonus!


  • Moderator

    1. One can already sort stacked tabs by dragging their handles, but it's difficult to do on the Tab Bar. It is much easier using the Window Panel.
    2. If you want to use stacks with many tabs effectively, enable the popup thumbnails, and use those for selecting tabs rather than the 4 pixel high selection handles.
    3. Session files can be copied to another computer. They are *.bin files stored in: Vivaldi\User Data\Default\Sessions\ The sync feature is still experimental, but that will be able to synchronise different computers when it is finished.


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