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  • Tiling was the feature that made me install and recommend Vivaldi immediately. However within 5 minutes of use I noticed a feature missing. When I bookmark a stack with the windows tiles, I want to be able to click on that stack bookmark and have the same tile arrangement.
    After some googling I read about sessions and this does what I want, but it was not intuitive and requires use of the Menu Bar, instead of just opening a bookmarked stack from the toolbar.

    With sessions on a Mac I have to use the Menu bar which is hidden by default. The steps are, go to Menu bar/File/Save Open Tabs Session, Write a name, click save.
    Then to open a session Menu bar/File/Open Saved Session, click on a session, then OK without a shortcut.

    The flow I expected and would like to use is Right Click - Stack/Bookmark Tab Stack. Then instead of creating folder it creates a bookmark that I can move to the Bookmark Toolbar. Clicking on this would open the stack with tiles as when bookmarked.

    Re: Speed dial "open all in tiled tab stack"

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    @dragon-sails2 Doesn't the mac show the menu when you click the Vivaldi icon?

    Anyway, you can set shortcuts or mouse gestures for loading and saving sessions.

    Sessions are fundamentally different to bookmarks, and contain a lot more information, so I don't see bookmarks ever being able to include information about the tiled or stacked state of bookmarks. A Sessions Panel would make them easier to use.

  • I don't see a Vivaldi icon and the Menu Bar autohides in Full Screen, 1.14.1077.55 (Stable channel) (64-bit)

    Thanks for suggesting shortcuts I found where to sent shortcuts for sessions, which removes dependence on the Menu Bar.
    A sessions panel would be overkill for what I want, just a "Open Bookmarks in Tiles" option would be enough on folders of Bookmarks, I'll create a new feature request for this specifically.

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    @dragon-sails2 Don't bother. It won't work. Bookmarks only contain the URL, the title, the nickname, and a description. All are simple text fields. The bookmark format cannot include complex data required for tiling, zoom level, scroll position, etc., that a session contains.

  • At least you can bypass to use the menubar by pressing "F2" as this opens the quick command menu - just type session and you saved yourself a few inches of mouse pushing

    EDIT: On a related note you might like the shortcut "Ctrl+F1" too - as it shows you a keyboard cheat-sheet which lists all assigned shortcuts

  • If you can open bookmarks in a new tab, then why is open bookmark in new tile impossible?
    I'm not referring to saving tile information just apply the Tile Tab Stack to Bookmark folders.

  • @zaibon F2 also works for bookmarks, super thanks.

    Adding link to my bookmark tile feature request


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