Someone tell me how bookmark works

  • I have tried to use it but I am do very confused. What are those choices with the numbers by them and what are the numbers for?

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    @patandprecious If you are looking at bookmarks in the bookmark side panel, you may see folder icons with numbers by them. That is how many bookmarks are in that folder. If you click on the folder, it will open and show you the bookmarks.

    If you have not changed the setting in menu/bookmarks then you will need to double-click a bookmark in the panel to go to it.

    If you'd like, you can also (under Bookmarks in the settings) mark the checkbox to show the bookmarks bar. Then you may select any folder to show its contents on the bookmarks bar.

    Does this help?

  • Thank you so much, yes it is very helpful but still a bit confused as there were numbers there when I added Vivaldi to my computer.

    I can see that I am going to love Vivaldi but I also see there will be a lot for me to learn and take in. Is there a manual of sorts to learn all the bells and whistles?

    How did you learn to use them all and did it take some time?

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    @patandprecious I have been using Vivaldi for over 3 years, since it first came out on Jan 27 2015. So, I have had a lot of time to get used to it, and to keep up with its changes (of which there have been many). Both F1 and Vivaldi Tips will give you enough information about Vivaldi's manner of working, to keep you busy reading for a couple of hours at least.

  • @patandprecious said in Someone tell me how bookmark works:

    How did you learn to use them all and did it take some time?

    Hiya. I'm very junior to Ayespy as i slacked off & only began using V much later, as my self-notes in my V's Notes web panel attest:

    7/2/15 00:26: Cool - keep watching for V development... this might become the new old Opera!!!
    22/2/15: I have now made Vivaldi my default browser. Even though it remains buggy, crashy, & still lacks much key functionality, it already has enough Pros compared to Chromium & Opera Dev that it is worthwhile taking this step.
    31/3/15: Weekly updates have continued & it's just getting better & better. Stability hassles are substantially reduced, & it's just more & more a delight to use.

    In addition to the tips Ayespy's given you here, i'd simply say this. Play with V, play with V, play with V. Poke it & tickle it & dig into it. Explore its amazingly comprehensive Settings [beats the pants off all other browsers just there alone]. Use it for your daily browsing to accelerate your learning of it. As much as you can spare the time, read this forum, as there's a lot of very cool savvy helpful keen users here. Did i mention play with V? 🙂


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