The history

  • Hi all i,m new at vivaldi but now i,m looking where to find the history can,t find it anywhere. can someone help me out??

  • Try "vivaldi://history" (without quote marks) in the address field. Or the "History" button right below the address field right beside the "Speed dial", "+" and "Bookmarks" buttons.

  • thanks i find it with vivaldi://history
    but there is no button to find for it

  • Take a closer look at the line right below the address field. It should contain the following entries:

    "Speed dial", "+", "Bookmarks", "History"

    The one with the "History" is the one you are looking for. Admittedly it doesn't look very "buttonish", but you can click on it nevertheless and see what happens.

  • sorry but there are ni buttons like speedial or history buttons only see the "+" above the adressfield and under the adress field i have my bookmarks toolbar en left my buttons for bookmarks, email,contacts,downloads and notices and thats it no history or speeddial things

  • hi again ok i find it when i click on the "+"button it opens a page and the in that pge i found the history button
    a little bit a strange place but ok
    topic can be closed thanks for your reply


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