Slow Rendering of XML Files

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    This 7-Zip Archive contains a nice big XML file for testing purposes.

    • Opera 12.18 and Firefox render it nicely in about 5 seconds
    • Vivaldi takes about 20 seconds
    • Opera 51 is similar
    • IE11 takes about 20 minutes

    I already submitted a bug, but I assume that it is a problem due to the Chromium rendering engine, so may be hard to fix.

    (VB-37064) XML Files parse slowly

  • Vivaldi does now show it like a tree. Is it a bug?

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    @burbuja It does, if you wait fifteen seconds for it to render. It also has these triangles to collapse or expand branches, which are missing from Firefox and Opera 12.18. I don't need those for my purposes, but some might find them useful. I just used this feature to find parsing errors.

    0_1520245409078_Expand Collapse Branch.png

  • Oh, this is also the problem. Now I got it :) Thank you

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