Open in New Tab from Speed Dial

    1. I don't understand why it is possible to always open a bookmark in a new tab but speed dials always open in the same tab. Can that be changed?

    2. How to enable/disable spell-checker?

  • Click the mouse wheel button so speed dial bookmarks open as background new tab.
    Not sure about SpellingChecker it works without settings to enable it, check your Mac settings.

  • I don't use a mouse (trackpad on mbp). And now mbp appears with a red dotted line which: can not turn off anywhere...

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    • Shift+Click to open a Speed Dial bookmark in a new tab
    • Ctrl+Click to open a Speed Dial bookmark in a new background tab

    The default is to use the same tab as it is for clicking a link in bookmarks or on a page.

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    @pesala FYI, on macOS, the Ctrl key usage is different from Windows/Linux.

    • Shift+Click opens a Speed Dial in a new tab.
    • Command+Click opens a Speed Dial in a new background tab.

  • Thank you all, but shift+clicks etc etc are i my opinion to complicated. I stil don't get it why it is in Vivaldi an option for bookmarks to open always in a new tab and for speed dial entry's (also bookmarks) it is not... But: thanks for the answers....

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    @okkehel The option is there in Speed Dial too. Just right-click on the thumbnail.

  • Right click + choosing option in drop down menu = two clicks instead of one. Again: why not simply create the same option as with bookmarks: one click, new tab...?

  • @okkehel If you'd like to ditch the default speed dial get Speed Dial 2 extension from Chrome Webstore, it comes with left click to open in new tab option and cloud sync/back up (paid version) and plenty of customizations. I prefer it over any browser default Speed dial but i'm trying to cut down my extensions number to 5 tops, this is why im using Vivaldi at the moment, it includes many build in features that other browsers need an extension for.

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    @okkehel For consistency, I agree; it makes sense for there to be an option to open a Speed Dial in a new tab. (Feel free to submit a feature request for this.)

    Practically however, it's faster to just click the "new tab" button and then click on a Speed Dial to open it.


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