Chromeless Window Mode for Videos

  • Full screen "Window mode"

    An option to keep only the os application bar in fullscreen with videos and other things with fullscreen option. Like Ctrl+F11 but for videos... but also browse in that window exactly like Ctrl+F11.

    Monitors are getting bigger. I just got a 43" 4k.

    I want to be able to watch video 'full screen' in a window. Like bottom right in image below.

    alt text
    bigger image

    With larger monitors becoming more common, I think it's inevitable that some browser will adopt this feature. It really is the only annoying thing when using a big monitor, not having this feature in a browser.

  • @user35 Is this any different to Video popout

  • @pesala It looks similar but I think it's different.

    I think what I'm proposing is more of a hack than a feature with stripped down options. To make the fullscreen button on the video think the browser window is fullscreen. This would keep all the original video controls. Also keep the OS window/title bar (as per image I uploaded in first post).

    Vivaldi actually did this several versions ago. It was probably a bug. After switching video to fullscreen and then exiting it would be a fullscreen window.

    Needed stuff.
    -Original video controls
    -OS window/title bar, this allows resize and to snap window to grid on desktop. (look like Ctrl+F11 but with fullscreen(window) video). Very important as it will save much effort. Use a 40in+ screen for a few hours to see.
    -Esc exits the full screen video(window) but still displays the page in fullscreen(window) while only showing the OS window bar (it'll look just like Ctrl+F11)

    If video-pop-out does these three things. Then it's exactly the same.

    EDIT> watched a video on opera pop-out, not exactly the same. Without being able to snap to desktop grid, it will be difficult to use. Also having to pop-out every video would waste a lot of time and mouse movement. Fullscreen(window) would be efficient on larger monitors.

    Desktop grids can be set as any variation of a grid time 4. 2x Horizontal or 2x Vertical or 1 windows covers 2 spaces and 2 windows cover the other spaces. It quickly snaps to grid. They are used non-stop on big screens.
    Drag window to corner of screen and you get quarter size window at that edge. Dag to edge and you get a half size window at that edge.

  • After thinking about it for a while, a pop-out isn't too bad it's handled as a normal window by the OS.

    That would still allow it to be set in place with desktop grid which will be quick enough. If it's the only option.


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