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  • hi new to vivaldi but in order to use web panel i have to expand it almost all the way across the browser is there no zoom function??? so i can make the panel smaller to read and i cannot find the speed dial anywhere lol just a blank page plz help thank you im using the latest stable windows 7 pro

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    @jonjon49 There is no zoom function for panels yet. If you want to zoom a page out and use it next to another page, you may need to tile it.

    Speed Dial is merely a bookmarks folder. To have items in speed dial, you need to have a folder assigned to speed dial, with items in it. Speed Dial is also known as Start Page. Go to your bookmarks panels or to the bookmarks manager page, right click on the folder which you wish to assign as your Speed Dial folder, right-click on it, and select "Use as Speed Dial."

    The easiest way to go to speed dial is to click the "+" sign at the end of your tabs, which will open a new tab, and (unless you have changed the setting) that tab will open in your Speed Dial/Start Page. In settings, you can also set your Home Page (the one you go to when you click the house icon on the address bar) to be your Start Page (Speed Dial).

  • @ayespy will there be a zoom function for the web panels great idea but kind of unusable at moment takes up too much screen

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    @jonjon49 Sure to arrive sooner or later. Hard to say when, though.

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    Welcome! Here are a few links for your bookmarks that you may find useful:

    Not every web page is suitable for use as a web panel. The panels work best with mobile versions of web pages. Zooming out on a regular web page in a panel is only going to make the text too small to read.

    If you right-click on a web panel icon, you can give it a separate width, which lets you have some panels wider without making all of the panels wide.


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