Using DDE to Capture Source URL

  • Using DDE to capture source URL
    ClipMate has a setting 'Use DDE to get source URL from browser (Non-Microsoft browsers)'. Clip a word, sentence or block of text and the URL is clipped with it. Very useful it was too, when I used Opera (Presto-based).
    Is there anything to stop Vivaldi providing this info?
    Have I missed something?
    PS I'm very happy that Vivaldi remembers the URL of a downloaded web page, so I thought maybe it would be a 'simple matter' to do it for stuff clipped with a clipboard extender.

  • @lakeinholland If you copy some text to a note, the URL is copied with it. Double-click the note to reopen the page.

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    When I copy content from Vivaldi and paste it into another application like Microsoft OneNote, it is able to provide this info. So I'd guess that Vivaldi already does this.

  • @pesala Thanks Pesala. I'll have to look into Notes, about which I know no more than that they exist. I suspect it might be easier to learn to remember to copy the URL as a separate clip.

  • @lonm Thanks for that lonm. Vivaldi may do it, but not in the way Opera used to. ClipMate hasn't been updated for about as long as Eudora, too, so I expect that has something to do with it.

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