Adding Notes and File-Links to the Bookmark Panel

  • I would like to be able to attach notes and file-links to any bookmark or folder in the Bookmark Panel. They should appear under a bookmark as an expandable tree structure (just like bookmarks do under a folder).

    Most of my notes in Vivaldi's Notes Panel are related to a website/bookmark. I could then attach that note straight to the corresponding bookmark; or at least in that same folder.

    In summary, the Bookmark Panel should allow to contain the following items:

    • Folders (already exist)
    • Bookmarks (already exist)
    • Notes (like the ones in the Notes Panel but attached to a bookmark or a folder in the Bookmark Panel)
    • File-Links (a link to any file on the hard drive that opens it when clicked)
    • Separators (already requested: Bookmark Separators)

    To distinguish the different items in the tree structure from each other, they should have distinct icons.

    If this feature gets implemented, please make sure that existing notes in Vivaldi can be moved/copied to any bookmark or folder in the Bookmark Panel (and vice versa).

    And having this new functionality doesn't mean that Vivaldi should get rid of the existing Notes Panel. People who don't use it at all can simply disable it.

  • I would like to have the above and a field named "text excerpts" or "highlighted text" where one could include the most important sections of the text, and this would be highlighted in the page (similar to a matched "find in page" text, but a different color).

  • @saimondo
    Where would you like to have such a field, in the properties of a bookmark? And the text included in that field gets highlighted in the website once you open the bookmark?

  • Nobody interested in combining Notes and Bookmarks in one panel?

    Please vote.

  • @martin-storch Part of the problem is that you have lumped together several features in one thread. I suggest editing your description to make it clear what people would be voting for.

    Bookmarks already have a description field where you can add notes. Notes copied from a URL already open when double-clicked.

  • Feature request reposted as Notes for Bookmarks


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