Suddenly all installed extensions are missing

  • As the title says, all plugins are gone after some wierd Vivaldi crash. Just now it happened a second time in a month. They disappear from the extensions list. The interesting thing is that all tabs, user settings and extensions' settings and files are preserved. Vivaldi just did not "see" installed extensions. I've redownload extensions and everything became fine just like before. I use these few extensions for a long time but problems begin to occur recently so I doubt they to be blamed of.

  • What specific extensions are installed, and do you know if any (or which) of them may have recently been version-updated?

    Merely as an observation, all installed extensions becoming totally disabled (but still present) has just started being reported ~2 weeks ago with the Opera browser, over in Opera's forums. At this point, that may well be completely unrelated to your problem, but Vivaldi and Opera both do use fairly similar chromium rendering engines that underwent significant updates recently. If other Vivaldi users start running into your problem, that might point toward a cause related to chromium... but it seems way to early to conclude that yet.

  • These extensions (last three was updated recently):
    OneTab 1.18
    Close Duplicate Tab 1.5
    Font Rendering Enhancer
    Tampermonkey 4.5
    skyZIP™ Proxy 0.8.3
    uBlock Origin 1.15.2


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