Tabs toolbar out of whack (SS version)

  • Recently the tabs toolbar seems to have a gap and is in its own theme (color) and was initially unnerving as I couldnt make out which window which toolbar belonged to



  • This happens on Win8, doesn't happen on Win7Pro, both with latest SS
    Nor on Win10

  • @rojaviv Is this a problem with the thumbnails? You can drag to make them bigger or smaller, or disable them in Settings > Tabs > Show Tab Thumbnails


  • @lonm Thanks, I will try that, this has to be something user-related 🙂
    But if I have sync set on all machines, it should have the same L&F on all right

  • @LonM Ok I see sync is not perfect yet in tabs settings, so I manually stared and compared each and every setting under tabs...I will have to shoot myself before I have to do this for every other setting...there are so many that V gives us control over 🙂
    Putting aside size of thumbnails, notice the 'gap'/bar UNDER the tab ? That space seems to have a section of the related tab page.


  • Any other settings I could tweak ? Am going crazy with this loss of real estate of a few microns (jk, actually it is distracting) and now that I have native windows (just so I can have a border around browser window, I lose even more real estate as the Title bar takes up 1cm)

  • @rojaviv The little rectangles under the tab title are definitely the Thumbnails causing the problem. If nothing you do will hide them, then I would say that's worth filing a bug for.

  • @lonm Thats odd, I could have sworn I unchecked it before and it didnt work, when I saw it checked now I again unchecked and bam! - the annoyance went away ! Thanks a lot !!


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