suggestion: side panel "on top"

  • I do not know if only for me or for others too, but the side panel is very annoying. Every time I download something, it opens and it changes the layout of a page being viewed (I don't know if I described it well, but I hope everyone understands what I mean.) It's very invasive at this point. My suggestions are as follows:

    1. Give the possibility to completely turning it off, so that it doesn't appear suddenly when we download something. (F4 do the trick, but when we start to download something it appears anyway)
    2. This is even better. The side panel could be "floating on top" and not affecting the page we view. It could be like an overlay layer, maybe even with transparency option. Such a solution would make the side panel not so invasive, and very much less irritating 🙂

    What do you think about it? Please let me know, because I see Vivaldi as the best alternative for people who appreciate customization and elegance. I can't imagine a better browser at this point 🙂

  • @pixelite Regarding 1. go to Settings > Downloads and un-tick the box to open the download panel automatically

    Regarding 2. There's a feature request you can vote for here:

  • @pixelite
    There are already a few possibilities.
    - Turning of that the panel pops up when a download starts - go to:
    Settings --> Downloads --> untick "Open Download Panel automatically"
    damn LonM was faster ^^

    • You can have the "Float on Top" thing with a little css tweak - the code for this is the following:
    #panels-container {
        position: absolute !important;
        z-index: 15;
        height: 100%;

    To apply this go to vivaldi://about open the the path behind "Executable Path" than navigate to the folder of your version(e.g. 1.15.1111.3)/resources/vivaldi/style open the common.css file with a text editor and copy paste the following in the first line at the most left point
    @import "custom.css";
    Now create a new textfile in that folder and copy paste the code snipped I posted above --> save it and rename the new textfile to custom.css now your problem should be gone

    Credit for the css code goes to sjudenim (as far as I know at least)

  • @zaibon said in suggestion: side panel "on top":

    der and copy paste the code snipped I posted above --> save it and rename the new textfile to custom.css now your problem should be gone
    Credit for the css code goes to sjudenim (as far as I know at least

    Wow. Great 🙂 Thank you very much!
    But one question - why not paste the css directly in the common.css file?

    And it looks like it have a problem, when side panel is on the right not one the left... CSS code put the panel back to default position on the left side. When I try to expand it, it jump to the right side for a moment and then back again to the left expanded.

  • @pixelite
    Good question, the answer includes a point which I forgot to mention - sorry bout that - you need to implement the code after every update as the the version folder will be deleted and there might be changes to the common.css file itself.
    So better make sure you've a backup of your custom.css file outside of the vivaldi folder so you just need to copy it back at it's place and add the @important "custom.css"; part again

  • Oh, ok I get it. And what about what about the jumping between left and right sides? It comes back to the default left side when I have set the panel to be displayed on the right...

  • @pixelite
    Mmh I somehow managed to not read that point ^^
    Than you need a code that is a bit different:

    #panels-container.right {
        right: 0;
        position: absolute !important;
        z-index: 25;
        height: 100%;

    Here you go

    EDIT: Only downside with overlay panels on the right side is that you can't use the scrollbar anymore.
    Oh and just in case you like those kind of stuff - you might like to take a look in the modifications forum

  • Thank you very, very much! Now I have perfect browser 😃

    I am a graphic designer, not a coder, so probably I won't understand much. But thank you anyway 🙂

  • @pixelite
    Your welcome ^^
    And don't worry my understanding of those codes that are a bit more complex than this one is more than poor. But there are enough users around that help and provide code with explanations what it does.

    I just scroll through those modding forum part and collect code pieces that do funny stuff and built up a little library for me or as in this case when anybody searches for stuff like that I can provide a little help.


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