How warp text in dev tools?

  • Like code editors and word processor does.
    Wrap codes at the end of the dev tool window.
    I've seen a word wrap option, but seems don't work.

  • @hadden89 This can be done with css, but as far as I know we don't have access to the devtools/can't mod them.

  • I was quite sure there was a shortcut for this.
    Well, some time ago I found this, but I don't know if still works for devtools 😛
    And mod a modding tool for this sound like inception 🙂
    And we have two dev tools.
    And seems a chromium bug or a partial implementation 😕

  • I notice that on the chrome store there are "dev tools themes" so it might not be possible with a mod, but maybe it would work with an extension.

  • @lonm Yeah, it should works enabling dev tool experiments flag which should allow hook custom css/js for dev tools.
    Like the flag to hook css/js in chrome:// pages which allow to use an unpacked extension to theme them 😉
    But I knew this flag had some issues in previous chromium (62, probably broken).
    Honestly I never tried to make an unpacked extension for it as I don't know what to put in the manifest and if this will work both with webpages devtools and UI devtool 😛

    edit Tried one extension, it works on webpages devtools but don't work on internal devtool which is different and obviously linked to vivaldi UI (chrome extensions won't consider that one) so the unpacked extension would be better to hook only the need things in both inspectors 😛

  • Ok, probably I found a unpacked extension which works for both devtools.
    What I could try in its css to wordwrapping? 😛
    While dev extensions is loaded, it seems I can't inspect the dev tools to find the right resource to try the wrapping.
    These two on are a prerequisite 😛



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