Opening and Closing Web Panels with Mouse Gestures--only Web Panel 1 and Web Panel 2 work for me

  • When using mouse gestures to open/close web panels, only Web Panel 1 and Web Panel 2 work for me. Other Web Panels will not open/close with mouse gestures even though Vivaldi recognizes the mouse gestures and even shows a tiny popup that shows that it recognizes the mouse gesture for Web Panel 3,4,5, etc. I am using Vivaldi 1.15.1111.3 (Official Build) (32-bit) currently on Windows 7.

  • @treego
    Yep, I can confirm this behaviour with win7 (64bit) viv 1.15.1111.3 (32bit)
    In case nobody has a solution you should file a bug report:

    Report each bug separately at
    Describe the issue as precisely as you can.
    Add some information about extensions you use.
    Add information about the operating system and version you use.
    Add some information which security tools you use.
    If you have problems with video or audio give us information about your installed codecs and graphics card/GPU.
    Add an exact link to a page where the issue comes up and can be tested.
    After reporting the issue, you will receive a confirmation mail from the bugtracker.
    In a reply to this mail you can add more information and files (like screenshots or test cases) as attachments and it will be added automatically to bug report.

    If you have questions about the bug please ask in forum first and do not forget to post the VB-XXXXX bug number (you can find it in confirmation mail).

    Thanks for helping us to make Vivaldi better!

  • OK, thank you, zaibon. 🙂 I just reported the bug as you suggested. Thank you, again.


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