High Memory usage

  • Hi

    Vivaldi uses a lot of memory when compared to other applications (screenshot enclosed)
    alt text

    Only two tabs were opened and when i checked the "Task Manager" Memory consumption is 993 MB (even though I have 8 GB of RAM)
    I have noticed this many times in my system and sometimes its like this all day ?

    Version installed is 1.14.1077.55 (Stable channel) (32-bit)
    OS installed in my desktop is Windows 10 Pro (x64)

    Does Vivaldi really require that much memory ?

  • What does the internal Vivaldi taskmanager show you? You can open it by "Shift + Esc".
    There have been some bugs with high memory and cpu usage which were fixed within the snapshot(beta) stream already - so in case we can't pin down a problem with the infos from your vivaldi taskmanager maybe you could download and install the latest snapshot as standalone and open the same websites and install the same extensions to see if your problem is fixed in the snapshot already.

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    @rafale You may have only 2 tabs open, but there are 22 Vivaldi processes running. How many extensions are installed?

    My RAM usage is about 368 Mbytes with three tabs and one extension.

    Again, some sites may use a lot of RAM.

  • I have 16 extensions installed and more Tabs I open the memory consumption increases
    Is this due to number of extensions installed ?

    alt text

    Thanks for your replies. I shall wait for the final release of 1.15

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    @rafale each tab and each extension has a separate process.

  • @gwen-dragon
    Does this mean the vivaldi's memory consumption is "normal" in my system considering the number of opened "tabs" and extensions installed ?

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    @rafale I calculated that your system is using about 44 Mbytes per process, which is not much different to mine.

  • @pesala
    Thanks for your reply. 44 MB look a lot to me when compared to other windows applications (not sure if its right to compare)
    I hope the upcoming releases will address memory consumption.
    Since Firefox consumes less memory who compared to Vivaldi

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    @rafale said in High Memory usage:

    Firefox consumes less memory when compared to Vivaldi

    One must compare like with like.

    I opened Firefox with three tabs (My Review page, Peacekeeper doing nothing, and YouTube. The seven processes were using 467 Mbytes, which is 66.71 Mbytes per process, or about 50% more than Vivaldi.

    However, this is at best a rough guess. A single tab could consume 500 Mbytes, it all depends on how it is coded and what the tab is doing. Playing the YouTube video increased the RAM usage.

    0_1520071087931_Firefox RAM Usage.png

  • @pesala
    got it thanks. Didn't know that.
    I don't want to dig too much as to what is causing Vivaldi to consume so much Memory in my system. Hope the upcoming releases are better


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