No Caching of LOCALHOST Option

  • As an aspiring web designer one of my biggest frustrations is not seeing edits to my work because my browser is calling up the [b]cache[/b] version of the page. Yes I know that [b]cache[/b] is important and becomes more so as the web matures. I also understand that there are work around, mine being installing a second browser and disable [b]cache[/b]. A search for solutions reveals many tedious solutions to this common problem. My point: by definition [b]localhost[/b] is already [b]local[/b] thus [b]locally caching[/b] files from a [b]localhost[/b] is redundant. [b][i]Please include an option to not cache local files.[/i][/b]

  • It seems that this request for disabled localhost cache has been ignored 😞

    I can confirm that web developing with enabled localhost cache is extemely painful because ther isn't any way to be sure that one works with actual version of html, js or other assets. It's confusing. Ant it's very annoying to clear cache manually everytime you want to see the result of your work.

    Please, implement the option to disable localhost cache or set it disabled by default.

  • Hi, a quick search result it was never in "Feature requests".
    May you add the request there and user like it can up vote it.

    Cheers, mib

  • Moderator

    You may misunderstand caching. The browser uses the cache parameters your webserver sends to browser.
    If you use the host localhost ( for your webdesign tests, you should set the caching parameters of the virtual host localhost on your local webserver.

    And if you use file:///C:/users/TEST/a.html with some css linked in HTML element head all works fine.

    And if you need no Caching, use Developer Tools and disable Cache in its Network tab.


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