incredibly ugly "pixellation" in vivaldi

  • hi, i switched to vivaldi recently. I mostly use the browser to play a javascript-based anime game and I've noticed that, compared to Chrome, characters' animations are incredibly pixellated or aliased.

    I recorded a video of a sampler of complex character animation playing first in chrome and then in vivaldi:

    here are screenshots:

    graphical error
    comparison of vivaldi rendering vs the intended look

    the settings for the game are saved server-side so the sole difference between the animations are the browser they're played in. My vivaldi settings are the default; my chrome settings aren't but I have never, ever seen visual errors like this while playing the game in chrome.

    I'm not an expert in javascript or browser graphics rendering by any means but i do know a bit about animation. it seems like something is going wrong with how vivaldi is interpreting how the game animates characters, which is through assembled and puppetted sprite sheets. Vivaldi isn't applying anti-aliasing to sprites if they're rotated or distorted in any way, which is causing characters to look pixellated when they move.

    Anyway, is there anything I can do to alleviate this? Are there vivaldi settings to force antialiasing somehow? Or is this an actual bug?


  • @hivehum

    resolved it was an extension issue lmao

  • which one? so this may be useful for others having the same issue


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