Vivaldi slow at opening and closing tabs, perf issues in videos...

  • Use to be a good browser, but now I am forced back to firefox because of how slow and unresponsive vivaldi is now days. You go to move/open/close a tab and it pauses for 1-2seconds before doing it.

    There are also issues with video playback being laggy at times.

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    @theriddick Not a general problem.

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    related to GPU drivers?

    Which Linux?
    Which GPU?
    Which Vivaldi?
    Which output of Graphics Feature Status in internal page vivaldi://gpu ?

  • Sorry I didn't reply sooner.

    The issues with slight pauses appear to be mostly with opening tabs and perhaps typing and searching in the title-bar. (its a bit janky all over). I also experience the BLACK thumbnail generation bug in the start page (related to NVIDIA driver issue???)

    I don't have anti virus install as I'm on Linux atm which is MoaiOS IE. Ubuntu KDE Plasma 5 spin which uses KDE.

    GPU 1080ti Nvidia drivers 390.25
    Vivaldi 1.15.1111.3 (Official Build) snapshot (64-bit)

    ModEdit: The output you pasted is huge please, use Pastebin

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    @theriddick See it persists. Open the terminal and issue the following command:

    /usr/bin/vivaldi-snapshot --user-data-dir="/tmp/VIV-POT" &

  • Yeah seems to help a tad, to be honest its not as bad now. More like 0.5s delay now when opening a new tab and switching to other taps. Occasional micro hickups when browsing a newly switched to tab.

    I can live with it for now. It's just I found firefox to not have these issues with creating and moving between tabs, however its addon selection/window customization options leaves allot to be desired.

    Thanks for the help non the less, I hope vivaldi gets optimizations under Linux in the future because all these issues don't occur in windows version, in saying that they are somewhat minor or just ease of use sort of things.

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    Installing Vivaldi from shell didn't repro. So the issue lies on your system wide installation.
    Vivaldi Help Pages has some useful tips

  • It works, I just notice a bit of latency (lag) when opening and close tabs and switching to them half the time.

    This does not happen with Firefox nor Vivaldi Windows, I have taken the liberty of searching in the past records for people with similar issues and apparently its been happening for some time with Vivaldi so I will ignore it for the time being.

    The only thing I can think of being to blame is the recent NVIDIA drivers because they break the start page thumb icons (black) from working so I hear. So its possible its related to some driver bug. Basically unfix-able really.

    If it keeps bothering me then I will just move back to Firefox, not much else can be done.

  • Using --disable-gpu improves this issue quite a bit. So I will say its a NVIDIA driver issue. Wish they wouldn't break things like this!

  • I found that using --no-sandbox helps allot, no issues so far. Perhaps a placebo effect but I think that resolved the issues for the most part.

    I did also mess with my compositor settings to OGL3.1 and such but I doubt that did anything.

    Keep in mind this issue appears to be a NVIDIA related problem, you will find the --no-sandbox suggestion on threads pertaining nvidia and browser performance issues. Its just a workaround until NVIDIA cares again... one day.


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