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  • I want to choose the font/size and spacing between the lines, so i can pack much more content/text into a web panel. Like the bookmarks are wasting a lot of space.
    I can only have 26 in the panel, with a smaller font and less spacing there could be double with longer names also..

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    @schreck See Bookmark Panel Line-spacing

    I have a feeling it might be some time before we see this implemented as an option. I also requested Choose Fonts for GUI but it only has four upvotes.

    Personally, I don't think having some space (within reason) between bookmarks and folder is a waste. If they're too tight it makes it easier to click the wrong one. The current vertical spacing is 72 pix @ 100 UI Zoom. This could be reduced to 60 pix thus allowing 12 rows in 720 pixels instead of only 10 rows.

    I already find it far too easy to click the wrong icon when trying to expand or collapse a folder. See Remove the Expand/Collapse Folder Triangles. I realise that's more about horizontal spacing than vertical spacing, but it is all about efficiency when selecting tightly packed UI elements.

  • I have 56 bookmarks in my Opera Bookmarkpanel on the right side (14" FHD).
    In 6 years i didnt click once on a wrong bookmark.
    Total waste of time such big spaces and fontsize.

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