Maximize followed by restore does not restore window to previous position

  • It would appear that Vivaldi is for some reason not following normal Windows guidelines when restoring its window size:

    1. Extend Vivaldi vertically so that it covers your screen from top to bottom but NOT side to side. In other words, Vivaldi should be full height but not full width.
    2. Click the (unlabeled) maximize button next to the "X" in the top right of Vivaldi's window. Vivaldi will maximize.
    3. Now click the new button that you see in the upper right next to "X."

    What should happen: Vivaldi returning to the exact size and position it was at previously.

    What does happen: Vivaldi is the right size, but it's out of position (it's moved down a bit).

    Chrome and essentially any other Windows app you can name will work as expected, so something is wrong. I'm not sure how long this has been a thing, but it does happen in the latest release and snapshot.


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