windows size and position memory

  • im experiencing in both my windows 10 and linux mint vivaldi not saving window size or position.

    unlike other browsers, vivaldi is not saving last size or position when closing the browser. in one of my computers, for example, i moved the window out of the way to see another window. now whenever i open vivaldi and its new windows, it opens out of the desktop area.

    is there a fix or a feature to reset window positions and size or change when vivaldi remembers these settings for next sessions?

  • @xdiegox What is your startup option in Settings, Startup?

  • 0_1520010137271_Untitled.png

  • @xdiegox

    • I set Startup to use the current pages
    • I moved Vivaldi to my secondary monitor
    • I restarted Vivaldi
    • It opened on my primary monitor

    You have selected Startup with Specific Pages, but you have not selected any specific pages. Is that intentional?

  • yeah. i like vivaldi being as fast as possible. a blank page should be fast.

  • @xdiegox @pesala
    I like you use the exact same settings. I have tried what others have said via Google searches, but to no avail.

    The only way I have found to fix this is to open Chrome. Then for some reason Vivaldi will open on the correct monitor. Very frustrating, since I cannot use it like I would a normal browser. It does not remember the last position at all if I open a window tab on another screen.

    I am using 1.14.1077.55 (Stable channel) (32-bit)

    Again, frustrating as hell

  • @tabv1 Install the latest Snapshot as a standalone version and try that. (I deleted your recent thread, as one thread about this issue is sufficient).

    Specs: AMD A10-6800K, 8 Gb on Win 10 64-bit • Snapshot 1.15.1111.3 (64-bit)

  • This is directed to those lofty, discerning & erudite sophisticates who run the world's best browser in the world's best OS with the world's best DE... teehee.

    In Linux distros with the KDE4 or Plasma 5 Desktop Environment, you can force V to open in any some or all of these [your choice]: Right-click the V titlebar, then...



    To the mere mortals running V in lesser DEs &/or OSs, you have my deepest & certainly most sincere sympathy [how can you even bear to bother switching on your pc?] 😉

  • @steffie because, like i said, i like things running as fast as possible. i would have to sacrifice too much speed for this workaround of yours.

    specially when it can come by default when working properly.

  • @xdiegox Oh you're most welcome, pls, stop all the thank yous. So glad i wasted my time to help you with a workaround. Won't bother next time.

  • @steffie i appreciate your workaround, dont get me wrong. it may help other users with kde distros.

    i was just kindly answering your question about how am i supposed to live without a kde distro in my life, which i answered "fast".


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