Drag link to Home button in address bar to add (or prompt to set the link) as homepage.

  • I was initially trying to replicate a browser behavior in chrome and firefox where I can click and drag from the padlock icon (for https pages) and page icon (for http pages) to the home button to set as homepage. e.g Click and drag http://example.com to the browser home button and it won't do anything with it. In chrome it would set the homepage to example.com, with a small link to undo it and in firefox it would ask you if you wanted to set your homepage to example.com I like to be lazy when I first install a web browser and set the homepage by clicking and dragging from the address bar page/padlock icon to the home button. The drag from addressbar icon to make a link trick still works as expected, however your browser won't let me change the homepage by dragging a link onto the home button. Either behavior would do for vivaldi but I would really like the option to click a drag a link on the homepage (house icon) to set or prompt to set the homepage. setting it in the settings menu works fine, but I just like that drag to home button trick and I think it's useful.


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