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  • At an advanced age (in my 80;s) my eyesight is quite weak. Is there any simple method to get type on web pages changed from light grey as it currently is,to black or a dark colour? Many thanks for any help

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    @bigtn Some sites have a reader view mode. Look to see if this icon is visible in the Address Bar.

    0_1519826986930_Reader View.png

  • @bigtn
    As Pesala said on a lot of text based sites like newspapers etc. you can find the reader view icon in the address bar. Sadly this doesn't work on all sites - this forum for example doesn't support the reader view. The reader view will make text more comfortable to read - at least in my opinion - and you can even tweak a few settings for it.

    E.g. like if a serif or sans-serif letter type should be used, two steps for the font size, wider or smaller spacing, how wide the colums should be and of course if the black and white part for letter and "paper" should be inverted.

    The picture below shows how to open the quick-settings and set the background to dark.

    0_1519828104151_reader view.png

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    Vivaldi also allows you to invert and change the colors of the page, by clicking on the <> symbol below in the statusbar and selecting the corresponding option in the menu


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