How Do I Make Chrome Add-ons Fully Functional?

  • I recently installed Chrome add-ons on Vivaldi. But theyre not fully functional. Why is this happening? Is there a way to get the browser to make them fully functional?

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    No. Extensions are not implemented yet. If you go to vivaldi://extensions, you will be able to make any adjustments or select any options that are offered to base functionality, SO LONG AS none of these tries to interact with the browser interface. Anything that requires a button, setting, tool bar, drop-down or other item in the interface, has no way to interact with Vivaldi's non-native interface as yet.

  • AFAIK tampermonkey should work, insomuch as the ability to install scripts from your favorite userscript directory should work.

    The browser icon for tampermonkey will not work though.

    Reddit enhancement suite should work, since they don't use a browser icon.

    Although installing extensions is another issue.

    Otherwise I strongly suggest you just use opera or chrome for daily browsing if you have a favorite extension. At least until vivaldi has a working extensions system, or implements your favorite thing as a feature (suggest it in the forums)

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    The more things implemented as features, requiring the fewest possible number of extensions, the better. If there were a setting to permit no-format copying (hilite-copy, saving plain text only), I would need exactly ZERO extensions.

    As it stands, I only need Auto Copy. In Opera, on the other hand, to not-quite duplicate the experience I can get here, I need a minimum of three extensions - and as to at least two of them, they will be needed always and forever. Opera will never integrate them as features. If I made full use of built-in notes and bookmarks panel, that would be two MORE extensions I would have to install in Opera. In fact, my most stripped-down version of Opera right now has ten extensions, and it STILL can't give me the things I want that I am getting from Vivaldi. So - long story short, built-in features, good. Extensions, bad.

  • @Ayespy:

    No. Extensions are not implemented yet. t.

    But do you know when Vivaldi will release its full version?

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    No. Extensions are not implemented yet.

    But do you know when Vivaldi will release its full version?

    No, we don't yet, do we? Some developers have hinted at a date before the end of the year to have a stable release, but one never knows. There has been no official announcement.

  • I'm in the same boat. So far I've installed the Lastpass, Pinboard and ProxySwitchy Omega extensions but there are no visible buttons yet for any of them. Lastpass will autofill usernames and passwords but that's it.

    The only other extension I'm missing is Quhno's CleanPages (readability style) extension.


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