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    is there a way to distinguish the Download Location between save and open options? I usually do not want to store the files that i just "open" permanently but rather have them deleted after a while or ideally not store them in my default download location, as this spams the folder unnecessarily w/ pdfs and stuff that i do not really care about and close after just peeking at them but when i click save, i really do want to have them for longer but do not care to distribute them (yet) to a certain folder (save as)...


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    @sophos02 Vote for Support for MIME Types

    Currently, Save as.. to C:\TEMP\ might be your best option to avoid cluttering the downloads folder.

    My workflow is different. If I want to keep downloads I move them to the appropriate folder before clearing the downloads folder so I don't much care about clutter. One way or another, files have to be save somewhere in order to open them, so why not use the Downloads folder as the temporary folder?

  • Hi, thanks for the reply. I voted for the support for MIME types because it is really nice but in this context even a bit overkill.. 😃 ..and partly handled by the OS..

    I know, habits are sometimes a bit irrational but the download context menu is one thing, that i really like much better in firefox, though it is just a detail.
    If you click on a download, and then "open" you can change the program you want to use (great!) and it automatically saves those files to a temporary folder (disbutable?, great as option?).

    On my home computer i just have the Download folder in /tmp/ which is deleted after restarting and that is perfectly fine for me there, but on my Laptop i find this solution not ideal...
    When researching i often open many things, just to read through it but at the same time stumble upon stuff that i might use or need later but do not want to be bothered with right now, even choosing the save folder feels like too much effort and disturbing my workflow (like really :D). At the end of the day then (or after a few days) i remember to look at it or use program x,y but then i have to wallow in all the mud that accumulated over time and even the vivaldi download panel is spammed w/ stuff that i just do not care about at all... (thats exactly why i just opened it -- to close it again and not be bothered again)..
    For now i try to use the "Download folder" as "spam" and klick "save as" and use "Download Folder 2" as "less spam" but sometimes i forget and just klick "save", it is faster and more convenient...

    I would like to 1st be able to choose in download context menu, which program to open stuff with and 2nd save opened stuff to (temporary) default folder A and saved stuff to default folder B, that would be great.


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