Responsive tab bar placement

  • I have a 2 monitor setup - I think fairly common for software developers. One monitor is quite big (1900x1200 resolution), the other les so (1280x2014).

    One the larger one, I find it nice to have my tabs on the right hand side of the page - it makes the most use I can out of my screen by having a webbrowser where I can see my notes (left), the main thing I'm looking at (centre), and some thumbnails of other things I'm interested in at the same time (right).

    But, with a lot of my web development work, I prefer to have my web browser on the smaller monitor, so that I can use my 'big' one for a terminal, email software, vim, .... etc etc. When the browser is on the lower resolution monitor, there isn't the space to have tabs on the right and still have web pages display nicely.

    So - would it be possible to set tab bar placement to be 'responsive', so that I can have them to the right if my resolution is >1500px wide, and up the top if it's <=1500px wide (or something like that).


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