Vivaldi: Built using Chromium, but different from Chrome

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    What should you make of the fact that Vivaldi shares its engine with Google Chrome?

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  • Thank you, Vivaldi team!

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    This might be a useful place to mention, for those who don't already know it, that you can gain access to some of chromium's underlying features even if Vivaldi hasn't yet fully integrated them. For example, the URL chrome://settings/content will take you to the Site Settings page.

    It's also possible to visit the basic chrome://bookmarks if you use enough trickery (why you would want to is beyond me, though - it's not nearly as feature-packed).

  • Excellent post. Touched on several major points that many were wondering about. Will bookmark. KUTGW. Be well.

  • @lonm said:

    For example, the URL
    will take you to the Site Settings page.

    Strictly speaking that not quite true because it takes you to the global settings. Of course on that page you can e.g. set exceptions or block all kinds of stuff for specific sites too.

    To really access the site specific settings you can click on the security badge in the address bar and then on "site settings". Everything you change there is only for the specific site.
    A click on the left arrow left of the site address at the top of the settings page brings you to the global settings.

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    This post shows how two web browsers that share the same engine get different results. Vivaldi is plenty of features, unique ......

  • It's a bit sloppy that the Developer Tools show a tab “What's new” with “Highlights from the Chrome 64 update”, though. 🙄

  • well, I wouldn't say possibilities to customize Vivaldi are endless, you are still behind Firefox (the one before disaster called quantum happened),but definitely better than chromium or chropera

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    @mscha I actually quite like that. Vivaldi and chromium have different changelogs between versions, and the dev tools only have chromium stuff, so I like to see that changelog.

  • {Presto+(Opera+Chromium)Blink}=Vivaldi

  • Good & thorough read. Thank you! This should answer a lot of questions.

  • Thank you for putting this out. Now I have somewhere to point people when they hear that Vivaldi is "based" on Chromium (besides the fact that Chromium is not Google Chrome).


  • Thanks - a nice neat piece that answers quite a few questions I hadn't even got round to formulating!

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    @zakius: You are right, excuse the figure of speech. We are working very hard though and improving the browser all the time.

  • @olgaa: I know, I know
    I just hope you will deliver
    currently we, normal users, are stuck with basilisk, waterfox or ancient ESR, and that makes our life a pain|
    it was a pain when we had to use slow firefox
    it was a pain when we had to use extremely slow Opera
    but now our eyes are on you (and Otter), our hopes are upon you
    and in my case your optimism when faced with current feature set is simply scary, I'm afraid you'll think it's good enough and stop your progress at all

    fortunately you're not as shameless as moz, they first removed everything that mattered and few days later were like "we did a good work right? so maybe donate a bit?"

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    @zakius: I see your point but do not worry that we'll get complacent. One look at our Feature request thread (public) and bug tracker (not public) will tell you that we are painfully aware of how much work we have ahead of us.

  • At 4 paragraphs from the start: is "noone" really a word (as short for "no one")?

    Google's spell checker marks it as a non-existent word with a red wiggly underline beneath it as I'm typing here.

    It's also not in my dictionary.

  • @luisanton said in Vivaldi: Built using Chromium, but different from Chrome:

    At 4 paragraphs from the start: is "noone" really a word (as short for "no one")?

    No body nose why any one would spell no-one that way.

    This is my opinion:-

    • Noone as a single word is incorrect for the same reason that cooperate is the incorrect form of co-operate.
    • No one as two words is correct if you mean "no one person knows everything"
    • No-one as one hyphenated word is correct if you mean "No-one knows everything."

  • @olgaa: looking at mozilla's and chromium's bugtracker you also can hope, but seeing how they close all requests and bug reports with "by design" or "impossible due to security measures" you become cautious

  • From the very beginning we’ve focused on building our own, highly customizable UI.

    But no UI customization still in sight. I can't conside changing colors a "customization", it's a native OS feature available for as long as I can remember, the fact you implemented it separately from OS does not give you credit at all. On the contrary, it shows disrespect to the user choices.


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