Show Vivaldi's menu in application menu bar in Plasma 5

  • I use Kubuntu as my workstation. I'm a plasma 5 user together with many others in the world.
    I wish the vivaldi menu can be implemented in such a way it appears on the application menu bar in Plasma 5. KDE have an own panel for the menu. Today, this panel works with KDE applications and many non-KDE applications.
    I hope Vivaldi can one day play nice together with the famous KDE environment and also show its menu in this application menu bar.

    As an example. It works with Google Chrome. Because Vivaldi is a chromium fork, maybe it's an easy fix? Just a thought.

    Thank you for making such a great power-user web-browser.

  • It may not be the default setting, but I agree that the combination of "Use Native Window" (Window appearance) and "Horizontal menu" (instead of Vivaldi button in "Menu Position") should logically trigger the behavior you describe.

    There is the same kind of issue in Ubuntu (at least when using Unity): it is not a "menu panel", but the top system bar which contains the menu for most applications is empty, while Vivaldi adds its own menu bar over the tab bar.

  • I'd be interested to know how this is handled on Mac OSX. The last time I used one of those (though it was a while ago), it also used an OS-integrated menu bar.

  • @guilimote I agree. That's how it should be. Whether you want to have the menu bar in your browser or in the menu-panel should be up to you and the Plasma 5 option. Right now this isn't a choice using the Vivaldi browser, except maybe MacOS, but that's not Plasma 5/Linux.


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