Can I safely delete these files ?

  • In my User Data folder I have about 116 files similarly entitled to this one .. CrashpadMetrics.pma~RFfe41c5.TMP

    Every one of them is 1024 kbs in size.

    Why are they created ?

    Can I safely delete these files ?


  • Moderator

    You can delete them.

  • also safely delete in user data\Crashpad\reports\ .
    all garbage that is not useful for anyone.

  • Nice to read which files can be safely purged.
    I'll add them to .cmd cleanup script if too big.
    (Nice, no .tmp found in my V folders)

  • Why are the .TMP files hanging around though in some cases?

    I can understand why reports (.DMP) would, but the .TMP ones are much more numerous and don't even correspond to a crash. A few are created each day for my main Vivaldi installation.

    Yet, for a standalone dev channel Vivaldi, I see none. I also see none for Chrome.

    It's almost as if some kind of debugging mode is enabled in my main Vivaldi install.


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