Why full screen by default on startup?

  • I wonder whether this happens only to me. I often use Vivaldi full-screen (press the green button on the window title bar of the macOS) on my 2nd monitor. (Mine is a dual monitor setup.) But I carefully make Vivaldi exit from the fullscreen mode before quitting it.

    Nevertheless, when I launch Vivaldi next time, it straightly goes to the full screen mode, which I don't always like.

    This problem could of course be due to macOS.

    I've just quickly tested Vivaldi from a fresh profile: Went to fullscreen, did a bit of web-surfing, exited from full screen, quitted Vivaldi, and launched it again. The problem didn't happen in this test.

    macOS High Sierra.

  • Well, you found the fix. Just continue on the new profile. Sometimes it's simply needed to reset Vivaldi, I had to do this 3 or 4 times since the beginning.

    Alternatively you can delete your session storage folder in Default/Session Storage and see what happens.

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    @ryofurue Thanks for the report. FYI, I've filed various bugs relating to how Vivaldi manages its window state on macOS and the state that Vivaldi should go into when it relaunches. Some are still open... and I think one of them covers your fullscreen-on-relaunch case.


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