Bug: 1.14.1077.55 - Site Info button opens unstoppable expanding window

  • 1.14.1077.55 (Stable channel) (32-bit)
    Windows 10 x64

    Issue: On some websites, the "Site Info" window opens (when button is clicked) and continues to expand to the right on sites that load dynamic content. Duplicated on hangouts.google.com and facebook.com after the page has loaded. It can also be duplicated by opening the Site Info while a "heavy" site is loading like issues pages in Jira/Confluence too.

    In the URL bar, click the site info button once the lock appears on https pages.

    This expanding window, makes it impossible to turn off "page notifications" since it keeps reloading to a larger size.

    Hope this helps.

  • Moderator

    Never saw this.

    Can you pleas make a screen recording?
    May be this issue is a bug.
    Please read How to report a bug for Vivaldi carefully and then report the bug to Vivaldi.

  • Thanks for the reply - I guess I should have looked for how to report a bug. My assumption was the forum. I'll submit a new bug with the proper information.

    I uploaded this video of the issue - https://youtu.be/gCTkzzw13WA

    I'm running pushbullet, stylish (turn purple links red only), and ublock origin.

    Thanks for your help. I'll submit that bug now.

  • I just want to add that i disabled all the extensions and the issue still occurs.

    However, I installed a fresh copy of 1.14.1077.55 on my other computer which previously did not have Vivaldi. No extensions installed. I visited facebook and was not able to duplicate the issue.

    Not sure what to think of it at this time but it's not critical. I submitted the bug anyway.

  • Moderator

    Your reported bug is: VB-38163 ""Site Info" window continues to expand to the right on sites that load dynamic content."

    Strange bug.
    I can not test as i do not have Facebook or Hangout.

  • I will check tonight for other websites that I can use for an example.

  • Moderator

    A developer told me that is a bug already reported to Chromium's upstream.


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