Changing permalink hijacks other user's profile

  • I couldn't register as "paul" as someone had already registered with that username. But now Vivaldi has let me set my permalink to "paul", so if he posts and anyone clicks on his name they'll end up on my profile. I'll flip it back later but Vivaldi need to plug that hole.

  • Hi tallpaul

    I just tested it by trying to to set my permalink to "jonsi" which is another account I have , it refused to save when somebody else has set that as a permalink. I could set it my donj permalink to jonsi when I delete d the permalink settings for the jonsi user.

    Then looked up jonsi on people and I still got the jonsi user profile. So in short I couldn't reproduce this bug.

    Did you have to do anything more , then the steps I just did ?

    cause users aren't forced to set permalinks , so many might have skipped that , and in that case f.ex Paul is available as a permalink .

  • hmm I see that when clicking on Paul , the user I go to your profile ! , thanks for this report we are going to investigate and fix this asap

  • I have changed you profile permalink to tallpaul , and paul to paul , and set this as a required field to fill in while registering. just as an fast fix , at least until we figure out a better way . Thank a bunch TallPaul for you report :D

  • No problem. Always going to be new things to iron out in new software.

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