Downloaded and Installed Vivaldi, but it keeps going back to the download page.

  • Cannot get Vivaldi to run. I downloaded and installed the package. But, every time I try to start the browser it comes up again with the download page. There doesn't appear to be any place to sign in. I am registered.

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    @jacksson515 You seem to have signed in OK.

    This page will come up. Just close it and start browsing.

  • @jacksson515 Do you mean that Vivaldi does NOT open, or that it opens but won't let you browse?
    (I am not sure which page you mean when you say "the download page" - did you install from )

    If Vivaldi is opening, then check what is set under "Tools/Settings/Startup"

    If Vivaldi will NOT even run, check your security software in case it is Blocked.

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    @jacksson515 You don't have to sign in every time you open the browser. In general, you stay signed in . If you don't like the Vivaldi "home" page, then you can go into menu/tools/settings and either set it to open with your most recent session (set of tabs that was open when you shut down) or to open with some specific home page that you prefer.

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