Vivaldi will not open web pages after Feb 27 Update

  • After the update today Vivaldi opened to a blank screen not showing my home page.
    No web page would open at all. You enter the address and the screen for the page stays blank .
    I uninstalled Vivaldi and reinstalled it, but the same thing results. No page will display. Shown below is what comes up for the New York Times. There is no history. There are no extensions on the new install and the Check for Updates seems to work, but goes nowhere.

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  • I don't have the problem, but wouldn't there be some troubleshooting steps before the nuke-from-space option? They might even lead to how such a thing can happen. Deleting everything never will.

  • @rseiler
    Hi, cleaning or better refresh does not nuke anything but you can test Vivaldi in a clean state.
    If it work you can copy all relevant files from your old profile in to the new one.

    Cheers, mib

  • @mib2berlin Yes, and of course it's not going to happen in a clean state.

    I just think that there must be a form of troubleshooting this sort of thing before resorting to that.

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    @rseiler It may not be a productive use of time unless it occurs again after using the latest version with a clean profile for a while.

    It is like testing and fixing bugs in old versions. We only need to test the latest build, and report bugs in that for the developers to look at.

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    @rseiler Cleaning one's profile is FAR from "nuking from space." It just creates a bug-free profile, into which you can re-insert all of your critical data. The only things lost, essentially, are your visual preferences and your extensions - all of which can be restored quickly and easily. Of course renaming the session and tab files could be considered a "mini clean" and might even address several problems. But on the whole, I think it's less effort to clean the profile.

  • Hi, it is OK to clean the profile but why it gets corrupted is the question here.
    May shapshot user should clean profile after every update?

    Cheers, mib

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    @mib2berlin I suspect it's mostly related to extension use and/or browsing habits. I have to clean my test version profile perhaps every six months or so, usually because of something having to do with the development of, and changes in, email. I have not had to refresh either my snapshot or my stable profile in over a year.

  • @pesala
    I could not do the cleaning quite as indicated as I could not change the name of the default folder (in use). What I did was uninstall Vivaldi again with Revo Uninstaller getting it pretty well all out.
    I then reinstalled it, changed the name of the Default folder and restarted the program. This created a new default folder that was clean.

    However Vivaldi would still not load pages. It runs out that Chrome and Edge will not load either, but Firefox and Opera do quite fine.

    I tried turning off the Norton smart firewall and guess what they all load pages. When I look to see the rule for Chrome and Vivaldi they all look fine and are set to Allow. The Firefox one looks identical except for the .exe file. I deleted the rules for Vivaldi and Chrome and then added them in again. This changed nothing.

    So my problem is probably not with Vivaldi, but Norton.

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    @mcleanbri2 All too common. The consensus among tech-heads is that AV programs cause more problems than they solve.

  • @pesala

    It was a Norton problem. Norton finally had a fatal error and I had to use the Norton uninstall/reinstall download to reinstall Norton. After that all the problems with Vivaldi and Chrome disappeared.

    Thank you for your help.

  • @ayespy
    I am sure the consensus is correct, but not being a tech head I feel I need one.

    What I would still like to know is why Norton had a problem. I don't suppose I ever will find out.

    I do appreciate the responses I did receive to my problem.

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    @mcleanbri2 said in Vivaldi will not open web pages after Feb 27 Update:

    I am sure the consensus is correct, but not being a tech head I feel I need one.

    I am not a tech head either, but I have enough experience to know which advice to trust. I have not used any antivirus since first installing Windows 10. I run Malwarebytes freeware once in a while and it almost never finds anything suspicious.

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    @mcleanbri2 The problem with Norton and many AVs is largely down to Boolean logic. This is a function whereby the AV program decides on its own that a program (for instance a browser) is, or is not a threat. It resolves every possibility down to a yes or no answer, but some of the criteria it uses to do this are inbuilt, and some of them are learned. For instance, if an app:
    connects to the internet
    writes to files on the disc
    has not been seen before (as in, was not present when the AV was installed)
    writes to the user profile
    The AV may be designed to, on its own, decide that the yes/no gate resolves to yes - the app is a threat. After this, it will treat functions of the program as threats, and block them. To the degree it "can't make up its mind," it will consume memory and processor cycles inspecting every operation the program performs before allowing it to take effect, thus slowing the program to a crawl and topping out the RAM and CPU usage. Almost all 3rd party security software nowadays is designed to "learn" in this fashion, rather than referring exclusively to whitelists and signature files that tell it "allow" or "don't allow" an app to carry out its functions. Hence, you can never know for sure if it's going to let you install and use something or not, or whether the activities of a program will be subjected to constant and intense scrutiny before being allowed to take effect. In this way, they frequently cause more problems than they solve. It's like a cop who stops and interrogates a schoolboy every single day both on his way to school and on his way home, until one day it decides the schoolboy is up to no good, and carts him off to jail. In this case the schoolboy is Vivaldi.

  • This also happened to me after the latest update. Vivaldi will not operate correct, hell, I cannot even write an adress and go ta any site at all, except the Vivaldi page, and I cannot use the browser. No Norton anti-virus or anything on my PC, so this release is just messed up. Please fix.
    Meanwhile I go back using Opera and Edge for now.

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    @owis2 said in Vivaldi will not open web pages after Feb 27 Update:

    I cannot use the browser. No Norton anti-virus or anything on my PC

    May be your Windows Defender (with its antivirus/antimalware) block something.

    Try Un- and Reinstalling of Vivaldi

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    @owis2 Actually, no, this release is not just messed up. There is something wrong with your extensions or your profile, or both.

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