Gmail won't load on vivaldi?

  • Since the latest update, whenever I try to enter my gmail, it looks like this:
    alt text
    Works fine in other browsers.
    I don't have problems loading any other pages so far. It's just specifically gmail.

    Any advice?

  • @piranjak any advice? Sure. First of all uninstall GetThemAll, it's already reported here as not-working addon (it causes problems on Vivaldi and it's been kicked from Chrome Store...). Second (it's only a suggest) use uBlock Origin instead of ADBlock. It's quite better and light on CPU. Give it a try and if it's not working after that, try to run a clean Vivaldi without addons... the problem could be there.

  • @Marko-Indaco I feel so dumb for not trying to disable the extensions first. Because this started happening right after I updated Vivaldi, I automatically assumed that was the problem.

    No, as it turns out, it was the DuckDuckGo privacy essentials. Gmail loads fine after I uninstalled it. Still kinda weird that it just suddenly started malfunctioning, I've had it for a while now with no issues.

    Btw thanks for the advice on GetThemAll and uBlock!

  • No warries mate, it was only to let you know about that addon (indeed I was using too in the past). And sorry if my post seems aggresive. It wasn't my intention... I was come back home from dentist... please understand 😃

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    @piranjak said in Gmail won't load on vivaldi?:


    Seems their (good-idea-to-have) extension causes some strange issues.

    Never saw this for my setup because i use uBlockOrigin and Privacy Badger.


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