[Suggestion] Move trash button to window buttons

  • I think it should be part of window buttons, if you have tabs expanded it looks alone:


  • @jacotreus The thing is, it has nothing to do with the Windows Title Bar, but is related to reopening closed tabs so it belongs on the Tab Bar.

    Perhaps it could be made to align with the top of the Tab Bar instead of the Bottom, then when the Tab Thumbnails are expanded it will be at the top.

    Create a new thread in the Feature Requests Forum for each feature request.

  • Moderator

    The trash is related to closed tabs. So its place is correct in tabbar.

  • The point is it looks like clumsy design. On osx the window buttons are on the left side and the trash going down looks normal, but in the case of windows it's just hanging there between the tabs on the left and the border to the right.

    I'd say either move the trash button beside the + button to get rid of the space on the left, or let it stay on top like OP suggested. Moving trash to the right when tabbar is expanded is probably undesirable.


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