Search engines fail to work

  • My context search, right clicking highlighted web page text and choosing search simply opens the search engine web page with no search query in the search field on some search engines, while it works flawlessly on others.

    This very same problem is also present when using the search field in the address bar.

    Ticking or unticking the use post method in settings does not affect this behavior.

    Search engines that are not working as expected, and their url as entered in Vivaldi settings:




    Bing, Yahoo, Startpage, Duckduckgo, Ecosia and Wikipedia searchs are working as expected.

    Anyone else having this problem? Is there something I am missing before I submit a bug report?

    Vivaldi.1.15.1104.3.x64 on Windows 8.1

  • @raed Only Google lets me add a search engine from the right-click menu.

    What URL have you entered in Settings, Search for the broken search engines? For Google I have:

  • @pesala
    Thank you, that saved the day for me.

    I was using this url:

    Adding: /search?q=%s to the above url solved the problem.

    Not wearing my reading glasses while tinkering with Vivaldi made me miss the light grey coloured Substitute search keyword in address with %s or %S

    Underneath your Google search option on your context menu there is a menu entry that reads: Search with, which opens a branch that allows you to choose which search engine present on your search engine list in settings to use for your search.


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