Vivaldi freezes at startup

  • So I got this problem, after my laptop comes back from hibernation and I open vivaldi it works for like 20 seconds and after that it just freezes, basically this happenes after I close my laptop. The solution I came up with is ending the all the active processes from task manager open vivaldi again and end them one more time. This has happened since I got my laptop, for about 2 months now and it wasn't such a bummer but now I got to travel and this is annoying. On my desktop this doesn't happen and I don't really wanna switch browsers cause I got with vivaldi. Any help?

  • @raigeky Can you share some details about what is going on with Vivaldi prior to entering hibernation and a freeze upon emerging? For example, what extensions are you using, how many tabs are typically open, are you using graphics-acceleration in the browser, what is the laptop network connection (Ethernet or WiFi), does anything like this happen with other open apps - especially browsers, what OS/version, what Vivaldi version, etc?

  • @blackbird No matter what I do on it, it is always the same freezing after coming back from hibernation. Even if I have 20 tabs open or 1 it is doing the same thing. My network connection is WiFi, Vivaldi version 1.14.1077.45 (Stable channel) (32-bit), my OS is w10.

  • @raigeky When it 'freezes', does it ever self-correct and come back to life on its own?

    In your original post, you indicated you had to kill Vivaldi's active processes, reopen Vivaldi, kill the processes yet again and (presumably) reopen it once more to get it to work. If so, what happens with Vivaldi the first time it's reopened (before killing processes the second time)?

    How old is the laptop, how much RAM does it have, and what antivirus is installed on it?

    What extensions (if any) are installed into Vivaldi?

  • @blackbird The first time it is reoponed it works for a few seconds and it freezes once again. The laptop is a lenovo y520-80WK0141RI, I have 8 GB RAM, and currently I don't have an antivirus because I got windows defender.

  • @raigeky Merely thinking out loud, it appears that the first time it freezes after ~20 seconds and the second time it freezes after only ~3 seconds... so the first time Vivaldi resumes after hibernation, it hits some kind of a collision at the 20-second point; after killing its processes, a restart causes it to hit the collision point within a few seconds. It almost sounds as if the resumption from hibernation causes a lot of file/data updating and the first restart (after killing the frozen processes) causes less updating, hence the collision occurs faster. Yet, in that case, I'd almost expect the second restart to repeat the ~3-second freezing of the first restart. Hmm.

    Have you tried refreshing your Vivaldi profile ( Also, to ask again, are you running any extensions within Vivaldi (if so, try running with all of them turned off at least through one hiberation/restart cycle)?

  • @blackbird It doesn't freeze everytime after killing the processes, I do not know what makes it freeze again after killing it. The only extension I have is adblocker, which I'm also using on my desktop(same version). I will try to refresh my profile and I will be back with a feedback if the problem is fixed or not.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Could you keep task manager open, and see how that looks up until it freezes ?

  • @Aronand @Blackbird Here's a video with what happenes and how long it takes: freeze.

  • Vivaldi Team

    @raigeky Thanks

  • I've had same issue and in my case unchecking 'automatically detect settings' in windows proxy settings fixed this.


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