Warn When Closing Multiple Tabs

  • Like in Firefox, but there should be a setting to change when the browser should warn the user based on a set number of tabs open (i.e. If I want Vivaldi to warn me with 20 tabs open, I put in the setting "Warn me at 20 open tabs", and the browser will do so). Also, there should be a toggle that would enable/disable the warning, for those who don't want the warning at all.

  • @novaviper Similar to Optional Confirmation Dialog when Closing All Tabs but Active

    One can close tabs to the left, to the right, all background tabs, or all selected tabs. In my opinion, a warning when closing selected tabs is clearly not needed.

  • @Pesala It would be like if I accidentally hit the X button on the browser, not just on individual tabs

  • Vivaldi Translator

    I know it's not quite what you are asking for, but you could set the browser to open previous session when you start it.
    And if you want a clean session just right-click on a tab a click "Close others".

  • @novaviper That feature request has already been posted as Save and Quit Warning when Closing Vivaldi, but the number of tabs open is irrelevant. If only one speed dial tab is open, one will still see a warning on clicking the X button.

  • @Pesala That's where the toggle would come in, it would basically turn off that level of checking in case the specific number of tabs open doesn't matter to you. Also, if I changed the tabs check number to something more than one, then the person has to have more than one tab open to get the warning

  • @komposten I've been told this particular feature alot, but it doesn't really solve the problem as I still end up losing data and work. The entire purpose of this feature is to prevent accidental or glitchy clicks.

  • @novaviper I think the entire purpose of this feature is served by the Firefox option, or the linked feature request.

    If someone is worried about the loss of 20 tabs, but not 19 tabs, and does not use Startup with last session, the linked issue covers it. Just confirm close if you don't care.

  • Because when you click on the x and the browser closes all tabs, I now have to remove Vivaldi from all 240 computers/tablets at the place I work.

    The company who prepare these devices have now been told to remove Vivaldi and leave Edge as the default browser.

    The browser that puts you in control...that statement should be REMOVED from any Vivaldi advertising!
    Vivaldi would remain as the default browser except for that one niggle.

    Bye bye Vivaldi, thanks for the FALSE boast!

  • @Pesala
    I find it annoying not to have these features. My set up means I can drop my mouse (disablity issue and then Vivaldi often closes by mistake. I do not want to have my last session opening routinely so this work round is no good for me.

  • @allfrey Then vote for the linked feature request. You haven't upvoted any feature requests yet.

    The other workaround is to reopen the closed tabs from the trashcan on restarting Vivaldi. Ctrl Z will do it, one tab at a time.

    0_1543957727143_Reopen Closed Tab.png

    Please see Implementation of Feature Requests


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