Title bar miss aligned icons

  • When the browser window is maximized, the trash, maximize, minimize and close icons align perfectly on the title bar.
    When browser window is resized, the maximize, minimize and close icons jump above the base line of the trash icon.
    Is there a way of keeping the icons in alignment in both the maximized and resized states?

    This issue is not present in native window mode, which eats up unneccessary screen real estate.

    Running Vivaldi.1.15.1104.3.x64 on Windows 8.1

  • @raed If you want to report this as a bug, you can do so here: https://vivaldi.com/bugreport/

    But please disable any and all custom modifications first, to make sure your custom setup doesn't trigger this. Do this by resetting browser.html to its original state, to ensure nothing else gets loaded.

  • @luetage
    The miss alignment is present when an unmodified browser.html file is used.
    I am not a coder, but I suspect that moving the position of the trash icon a few pixels to the left would cure this issue.
    Thank you for providing the report a bug link, which I shall put to good use.

  • @luetage

    I got it sorted by reducing height of title bar in .css using:

    .win.normal #tabs-container.top {
    height: 25px !important;

    as it appears now on a resized window:




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