New Snapshot with more Tiling options, advanced notes and improved spatial navigation.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Hey, We have continued to work on Tiling of tabs. You can now tile both vertically and horizontally. Additionally we have added ability to tile as a grid. Spatial Navigation also got better and faster with live indexing and more polish! We have also tweaked more on Notes, you can now add more than one attachment to a note. Browse local images with Vivaldi! Fast forward now works for folders on your hard drive with images. You can also access local-disk using platform paths (unc and driveletter on windows, posix on mac/linux) The auto-updater on windows has also been made simpler, you do now not get the full installer UI. You won't see the changes before the next update though 😉 We are aiming at doing a new Technical Preview on Wednesday so please consider this build a RC and notify us if you find any regressions since the last preview. //Christian - Vivaldi Technologies


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