New Snapshot with more Tiling options, advanced notes and improved spatial navigation.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Hey, We have continued to work on Tiling of tabs. You can now tile both vertically and horizontally. Additionally we have added ability to tile as a grid. Spatial Navigation also got better and faster with live indexing and more polish! We have also tweaked more on Notes, you can now add more than one attachment to a note. Browse local images with Vivaldi! Fast forward now works for folders on your hard drive with images. You can also access local-disk using platform paths (unc and driveletter on windows, posix on mac/linux) The auto-updater on windows has also been made simpler, you do now not get the full installer UI. You won't see the changes before the next update though 😉 We are aiming at doing a new Technical Preview on Wednesday so please consider this build a RC and notify us if you find any regressions since the last preview. //Christian - Vivaldi Technologies

  • I have my tabs on the left. Now they are overwritten by the bookmarks:


    Win7x64 Vivaldi x32

  • Moderator

    Olli reports it's fixed internally.

  • Tiling of Tabs is really a great feature, love it so much!

    Now just expecting Sync and Smooth Scrolling.

  • I moved the Panel to the right side and it now displays "strange things":


    Win7x64 Vivalidi x32

  • Thanks for the new snapshot! Sadly, it still has the same CSS issue that was introduced with the previous version: In two of my WordPress blogs (sharing the same theme):

    the fonts are rendered too small (Vivaldi for Windows, 32 bit). This didn't happen with the initial versions of Vivaldi and it was never ever an issue with other browsers (Chrome included). So in my opinion, it's a "bug" of the last two Vivaldi releases…

    Thanks for trying to fix this with the next version! 🙂

  • @helsten2:

    I moved the Panel to the right side and it now displays "strange things":


    Win7x64 Vivalidi x32

    Couldn't reproduce, same setup as yours.

  • Pop-up settings window doesn't seem to be aligned properly, it is exceeding the Vivaldi window. Win 8.1 x64 (Vivaldi x64)

  • I think there should be some kind of visual feedback to the user to indicate which tabs he has selected for tiling - during the selection phase (Ctrl+LMB phase). Right now there is no feedback.
    One easy way is to use a negative image:


  • I would say that it's better to use tile preview in the tab preview 🙂 but it would be harder to close part of the tile when doing so etc… I'm curious how Vivaldi designers will fight with that issue 🙂

  • We need some shortcut for tab stacking.
    How about double click that removes tab from stack?

  • Hi, first of all great work people! this browser is awsome.

    I have found a few issues in my instalation, i'm not sure if this are real problems:

    To begin with, the main menu of vivaldi is showing the "inspect element" menu from wich i can debug and manipulate vivaldi from itself, wich i not sure if it's cool to expose that in a rc candidate to be used as a technical preview. You can activate this by enable the #enable-devtools-experiments flag.

    Also, i have found that trying to look to my older history entries takes me to a blank page, and that trying to open a history entry using right click on a tab or window, doesn't do anything. and the flags entry in history says chrome instead of vivaldi.

    Can someone confirm this issues?

    I am using windows 8.1 and Vivaldi x64.

    Keep the good work, you are already my main browser.

    PD: english is not my main languaje, i hope i have explained myself well

  • Thx! 😎

  • Import Data Dialog has Opera 12+ twice and Internet explorer twice, there are no chrome, Opera 15+ ect….

  • @Celeblhach:


    I moved the Panel to the right side and it now displays "strange things":


    Win7x64 Vivalidi x32

    Couldn't reproduce, same setup as yours.

    I can. After moving the panel, collapse it so that only the selector bar should be showing (by clicking on the icon for the active panel). I can't get the blue (a highlighted folder'), but the white things are easy.

  • [ol]

    • There are some problems with tabs/ classic menu overlaying
    • Wasn't it possible to navigate via classic menu with keyboard arrows? Because I hadn't checked it before… (it's impossible)

  • Moderator

    Known bug. Fixed internally already.

  • In this snapshot, it happens quite often that the pages do not render - they end up black:


    Win7x64 Vivaldi x32

  • Also on Ubuntu Mate 14.04 64bit.

  • I have this too, (the white, not the blue) on Ubuntu mate 14.04 64bit.


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