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  • Hello, new here...

    Just downloaded latest stable version... 1.14.1077.50.x64.exe . I am confused how "Load Images" works. I prefer not to have images downloaded, but ok to have any images show if they are from cache. Yet, if I toggle it to "From cache", and I go to a new website that I know nothing from that site has been put into cache, it still loads all images from that website. I thought that if it is toggled to "From cache", before loading the site, it should not load anything from cache, because I haven't been on that site yet. But it seems to be loading everything from the website. What is going on? I thought that if it is on "From cache", no images should be coming, because there is nothing in the cache.

    Or is it loading everything from the site on the first try, so that it will put everything in cache? If that is so, that is not the right way to do this.

    I use an older version of Opera (because I prefer it to the new versions) and when I toggle it to "Cached images", it doesn't load any images from a website I just went to for the first time (with all private data cleared before then). This is how I prefer it, but it seems Vivaldi 1.14x image caching does not seem to work this way. I looked at Network in Developer Tools and sure enough, it is loading images from a website even though I have Load Images From Cache toggled.

    I prefer Images "From Cache" (no matter what make of browser), so that I don't use up bandwidth with images. Also, I do not use "Never load images", because if any images have been cached, I prefer it to show up on the screen. Please advise, thanks.

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    @technoid Just curious - if you only ever load cached images, and none ever from a first visit, how is it that you ever have any images at all?

  • @ayespy said in Load Images ?:

    @technoid Just curious - if you only ever load cached images, and none ever from a first visit, how is it that you ever have any images at all?

    Hi. That will be to my discretion/choice. If I have it at "From cache" before I go to a website, I expect it to not download any or all images from that site at that point, just text. If I see a blank space or placeholder where there should be an image and I am curious what it is, I either toggle it to load all/always images, which loads all images on that page ... or I hover over that blank space & mouse- rightclick & "reload" or "open" just that one image. Both ways are economical as they both save bandwidth coming from images. You save megabytes & megabytes that way, plus sometimes the page loads up faster, like for people who do not have high bandwidth internet.

    Once those images are loaded & in cache, then it is ok to keep the images up on the page on screen. On the opposite side, I do not like No/Never Images either, because then you can't see any images at all, even if they were already cached.

    I do not expect a browser to load up all images so as to put into a cache on the first try, because then you just sucked up bandwidth from those images, when you were trying to save bandwidth in the first place. Again, it should be the person's choice.

    Also, I could not find anywhere in Vivaldi's settings where Load Images should be toggled at by Default. It should not always have to be defaulted to Load Images: Always. I think a setting for that should be put in.

    Again, I am used to Opera's behavior when it comes to image caching, it gives you total choice as how you want it set.

    Firefox also used to give you the choice of Show or Not Show images (but no image from cache), but for some dumb reason they took that away in the latest versions, so what I did was install the Firefox "Classic Theme Restorer", which gave back the Image Show/NoShow setting. Better than nothing.

  • I was confused by this behavior as well, as was this user: https://forum.vivaldi.net/topic/23945/load-image-from-cache-setting-has-no-effect

    Some users have internet connections with data caps, are charged per-Megabit, or simply have limited bandwidth. For these reasons, the Opera feature to only load cached images saved a lot of data!

    I propose changing the per-tab options to this:

    Load This Tab's Images

    • Always
    • Prefer Cache (Load Images not in Cache)
    • Only from Cache

    A global setting for this (in the Settings window) would also be good. Then when on a metered network, changing this one global setting updates the per-tab setting on all current and newly opened tabs. Leaving the per-tab options is still good though, so we can load images on individual tabs where needed.


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