Sort Bookmarks by Folders First

  • What we have right now (Images from user @Hadden89):
    Current Behavior
    What this request wants:
    alt text

    Sorting bookmarks by toggling the sort button reorders the items only by name (and not type) so we end up with a bunch of folders and a bunch of pages in between these folders which could become pretty bad...

    Please sort bookmarks by folders first and then by pages... like most of the File Explorers out there...

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    @neltherion I agree such an option could be valuable. It would render my bookmarks unusable, because I don't use labels - so I only know what's in a folder because of where it is in the order. But some people would benefit from it. There's some discussion of this very issue backstage.

  • Current behaviour
    alt text
    Requested one
    alt text

    This? 😛

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    @hadden89 Optional, yes. Forced, no. Ever since adopting Opera in 2000 or so, I have never had to deal with grouped folders.

  • @hadden89 Exactly...

  • In the bookmarks toolbar, I have it set to sort "by title". But it currently sorts in a way that blends folders and bookmarks together, which makes it look very messy! Example of how it currently looks...

    [FOLDER1] bookmark1 [FOLDER2] bookmark2 [FOLDER3] bookmark3

    To fix this, please keep the sorting of folders and bookmarks separated into two groups, instead of blending them together. Folders should be in the first group, bookmarks should be in the second group--like in Windows Explorer. Example of how it should look...

    [FOLDER1] [FOLDER2] [FOLDER3] bookmark1 bookmark2 bookmark3

    [bug report submitted]

  • @tsunamiz There is also a workaround while waiting for this request:

    • Set bookmark bar and/or panel to "manual"
    • Install and press this addon button.
    • Everything should be A/Z [Folders] - A/Z [bookmarks] now.
    • Repress button when need.


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