Sort Bookmarks by Folders First

  • What we have right now (Images from user @Hadden89):
    Current Behavior
    What this request wants:
    alt text

    Sorting bookmarks by toggling the sort button reorders the items only by name (and not type) so we end up with a bunch of folders and a bunch of pages in between these folders which could become pretty bad...

    Please sort bookmarks by folders first and then by pages... like most of the File Explorers out there...

  • Moderator

    @neltherion I agree such an option could be valuable. It would render my bookmarks unusable, because I don't use labels - so I only know what's in a folder because of where it is in the order. But some people would benefit from it. There's some discussion of this very issue backstage.

  • Current behaviour
    alt text
    Requested one
    alt text

    This? =P

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    @hadden89 Optional, yes. Forced, no. Ever since adopting Opera in 2000 or so, I have never had to deal with grouped folders.

  • @hadden89 Exactly...

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