Allow automatic update of the browser

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    There should be able to automatically update browser in the background, and install a new version after restarting the browser (as option)

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    @cheve11e_191 This might be OK when the browser is well-seasoned and pretty much always-stable, version after version. The outcry here if some of our versions updated in the background would be considerable. Don't you think? I personally never want that to happen in my case, though some might like the option.

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    @ayespy yeah, I think it would not be a problem with Stable Version (there should be predefined auto-update), and as far as Snapshot is concerned, it would be for users whether they want it or not.

    And I have just submitted this proposal because of people who don't how to update a bowser, and then there is a greater risk of using the version with errors.

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    @cheve11e_191 In general, that's probably so - but the update to 1.14 stable, for instance, pissed off a lot of people. I think some others were glad they waited on the update until they had seen some feedback. So - just sayin'...

  • How about delay 24/48hrs silent autoupdate with positive confirmation from early manual update user? That way dev can halt a problematic autoupdate pushing to majority of user if certain amount of early updated user found problem in the update.

    Majority of people r not very smart & will only update their browser when "something is wrong" with the browser they r using. Thus most software support silent auto-update to help these users. But when a bad autoupdate broke the software then it will be a big mess for these not so smart user. However, we can minimize the risk of bad silent autoupdate by first releasing the update through notification/manual update (current update method), then initiate silent autoupdate after 24/48hrs if dev team receive no bad report about the update from early updated user.

    Personally, i always wait a day or two after received update notification to avoid bad update. I despise silent update because it's unreliable & cause too much trouble when it deliver me a bad update.

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    It just needs another option in Settings, Updates

    • [ ] Download updates automatically and apply on restart

  • @dude99 Just optional, I want keep my precious manual updates based on forum feedback :P ...

  • Yes. Please make this an option. I can't have Vivaldi on my Windows work computer because company policy doesn't allow a browser that doesn't have automatic updating. It would, in my opinion, benefit Vivaldi to make this enhancement.

  • Best long term solution for this Windows-only consideration would be Store integration.
    Unless there is some expectable fineprint for no browsers beside IEdge!.

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  • That ultimately my hopes (Microsoft did not pull that exact d**k move) would be crushed, I understand…
    @ayespy but after only 5 minutes of dreaming of a bearable present? ☺

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    This might be okay only if it's opt-in and not opt-out. I want to know about the changelog before updating.

  • yeah, please add an opt-in auto update for people dont have a clue how to update a browser

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    @usmave said in Allow automatic update of the browser:

    yeah, please add an opt-in auto update for people dont have a clue how to update a browser

    The learning curve is extremely low.

  • Update "policy" could be in welcome page:

    [ ] always update (applied on V-restart)
    [ ] ask before update (update window with changelog)
    [ ] manual update (via "check for updates")

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